The role of industrial tablets in industrial automation

The role of industrial tablets in industrial automation
26 April 2023 HSweb

industrial tablets and industrial automation

Industry 4.0, among many innovations, is promoting the use of
industrial tablets

Automation makes these devices indispensable for remote process management, monitoring and optimization .

In this article we will see why having industrial tablets is important and what features differentiate them from classic tablets commonly found on the market.

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The role of industrial tablets in industrial automation. 1

The importance of rugged tablets. 1

Why use industrial tablets 1

Security. 1

Performance 1

Duration. 1

Readability. 2

Endurance. 2

Connectivity. 2

Industrial tablets: which one to choose. 2

Operating system. 2

Processor. 2

RAM… 2

Weight and display. 2

Battery. 2

A tablet for every activity. 3

The importance of rugged tablets

Industrial tablets, also known as rugged tablets or rugged tablets, mount Windows or Android operating systems.

They are designed to operate in the industrial environments where they are typically found:

  • powders
  • temperature changes
  • liquids.

They are structured to resist falls and vibration.

As we will see in the course of the in-depth study, however, it is not just about resilient devices. In fact, ruggeds also provide much higher performance than an ordinary commercial tablet.

The devices perfectly complement the progress brought by the Internet of Things (IoT). They represent a true ally for process management.

In particular, they are indicated when the operator is called upon to carry out remote monitoring and control activities.

Thus, thanks to industrial tablets, it is easier, for example, to remotely monitor the operation of the production chain, notice errors, interruptions in a timely manner, communicate between departments, and assist customers.

Why use industrial tablets

More and more companies are opting to use industrial tablets in preference to classic commercial tablets.

The choice is driven by the need for a device that is best suited to conditions commonly found at factories and warehouses.

So let’s see why today’s rugged tablets are an absolutely necessary tool to facilitate the performance of processes, which are increasingly automated and performed remotely.


Industrial tablets are highly configurable in order to ensure maximum security of incoming and outgoing data.

Security of computer networks is a basic aspect so that new IoT technologies can be accommodated without any unforeseen events.


Performance-wise, industrial tablets are similar to mid-range notebook PCs.

As opposed to commercial tablets, designed primarily for web browsing and video playback.

Managing logistics, production, and communications requires a device that can process large amounts of data without performance suffering.


Batteries mounted by industrial tablets should not be underestimated.

These, not only turn out to be easily replaceable but provide performance that we do not find in classic tablets on the market.

The autonomy provided by these devices is therefore another distinguishing feature.


A typical feature of rugged tablets is readability.

In fact, workers often find themselves having to use the device outdoors.

Reflections from sunlight generally impair visibility in classic tablets which is not the case in industrial devices.


As anticipated, industrial tablets withstand accidental drops, liquid contact, dust, vibration, and temperature changes.

Working in construction, manufacturing, and agriculture continuously exposes the device to the above events.


Finally, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity are optimal in order to avoid sudden connectivity loss.

The best tablets allow free movement of workers, who can continue to monitor activities from any location.

Industrial tablets: which one to choose

Integrating industrial tablets into the enterprise makes it easier to integrate automation in place.

Hardware Solutions offers several industrial tablets, divided by price range and features.

A highly qualified staff is available to provide any suggestions regarding the model that is most suitable based on the needs of each individual organization.

In general, the aspects to consider when choosing an industrial tablet are:

Operating system

Rugged tablets run either the classic Windows 10 operating system or the equally used Android.

The choice should fall to the OS that best integrates with the other devices in the enterprise.


Among the main hardware components of any PC or tablet is the processor, whose job is to process incoming and outgoing data.

The greater the workload the tablet will be subjected to, the more suitable it is to opt for high-performance processors that can avoid slowdowns.

Most of our tablets mount: Intel Core processors, ideal for those who need maximum performance. Atom processors, fast and characterized by very low power consumption. And the Celeron processors that have always represented the cheap processor category produced by Intel.


Another feature to evaluate is RAM. Such memory has an impact on the speed of the tablet.

In case the device undergoes heavy graphics processing, you may consider opting for the latest DDR4 models. Mounting 8 GB of memory, expandable up to 16Gb ensures excellent performance.

In contrast, DDR3 RAMs are suitable for performing normal operations that exclude, for example, the use of 3D rendering software or accessing large data stores.

Weight and display

Differences in weight and display should be carefully evaluated. For example, the rugged Tablet HST-012 weighs 1.5 kg compared to only 0.68 kg for the more compact HST-07A.

The greater weight obviously is justified by greater performance and size. Not surprisingly, the HST-012 boasts a 12.2” display as opposed to the 7” display of the HST-07.


Greater weight often corresponds to longer battery life. Evaluating the autonomy of the device by relating it to working hours is another asect to consider.

The invitation is to check the number of mAh. The abbreviation indicates the maximum amount of energy that can be stored by the battery.

Values above 3,500 mAh, are optimal and warranted by most industrial tablets.

A tablet for every activity

There is a specific industrial tablet for each type of business.

For example, in the construction industry the priority might be to have a fall-proof device, or health and public safety workers generally need features such as a removable keyboard. Or even employees at large stores generally need large screens to show products to customers.

Regardless of the need, Hardware Solutions available a wide selection of rugged tablets and accessories selected and guaranteed for speed, reliability and connectivity.