An industrial control network (SWITCH) allows monitoring and control of all devices in the company. These networks, unlike traditional corporate networks, support advanced and sophisticated functionalities to ensure high levels of reliability and security.

The devices are protected by a metal casing against internal and external agents: dust, light, humidity. Moreover, they are designed to operate even in case of electrical instability. Among the available products we also offer PoE powered SWITCH solutions, EN 50155 certified, managed or unmanaged.


The proposed SWITCH control networks are highly configurable, require little maintenance and have several automatic functions, e.g. firmware and configuration updates.

The possibility to access the system with multiple accounts allows the creation of various levels of authorisations within the company network: from monitoring only to full authorisations.

Features such as the Internet Group Management Protocol manage data traffic intelligently. Virtual Local Area Networking (VLAN) also allows individual networks to be managed. Functions such as cable diagnostics, which are essential for detecting and resolving problems such as signal interruptions or short circuits, should not be underestimated.

The SWITCH series represents an innovative solution ideal for industrial networks. SWITCH control networks are compatible with all types of hardware and protocols. Their intuitive functionality allows quick detection of network errors.


Industrial automation is undergoing a transformation thanks to new protocols that provide better control of data from multiple devices connected to the network at the same time. Control networks are used for optimal plant management and are now present in all advanced plants where there is a wired Ethernet network.

Thus, each connected device can communicate with each other, enabling even faster and more secure communication within your network.