Hardware Solutions offers different software to optimize processes and work.


Indusoft is a powerful SCADA software for developing Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and applications. Development license and Runtime license are included in the software.

It is designed to facilitate the work in companies in the fields of building automation, energy, pharmaceutical and other sectors in the development of HMI, SCADA and embedded instrumentation solutions.


Secomea allows you to connect your devices anywhere safely and easily. Secomea is designed to address the need for remote access.

It is widely used by small and medium-sized companies that operate with numerous machines connected remotely, and by large and large companies that need a device capable of guaranteeing the connection between the different machines.

With Secomea, your machines will be perfectly connected and it will be possible to perform remote assistance services without the need for an operator on site.


Panel Express is a software to control and monitor machines and systems. The software has the function of carrying out complex and specific projects.

The operator can thus have a vision of the entire production process. Panel Express is a complete solution that can be combined with a hardware platform (HMI) and interface software (SCADA).


AVEVA industrial software lets you plan smarter and operate better. The objective is to have software capable of guiding processes, eliminating loss of value, increasing operational efficiency and maximizing collaboration between departments.

Thanks to AVEVA it is possible to customize industrial processes, manage data and resources. The goal is to speed up a whole series of slow and difficult activities.

The software can be used in any sector, it is the main HMI of the IoT. It also supports remote access from smartphones and tablets without any client server installation.

InduSoft Web Studio

Indusoft Web Studio is a powerful platform that provides the foundation for complete HMI, SCADA or MES systems at a reasonable price.

Runtime are available for Microsoft desktop and server operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 2008 Server R2, and Windows Server 2012.

This platform is ideal for generating small and large supervisions (up to 10 million tags).

SECOMEA – Telecare Software

Sitemanager software allows you to work remotely, with PLC, HMI and Drivers, as if you were connected locally without changing anything on your programming PC. With a simple click, a secure VPN connection to the machine/system is established. The software allows you to create accounts with different privileges, recording all the connections made. It is possible to manage multiple simultaneous connections both on different machines and on the same machine.


The new SCADA Panel Express offers a turnkey solution that allows you to combine the hardware platform (Panel PC) and the interface software.

In this way, with a “one stop” solution, you get a system offered by a single provider, integrated and efficient, suitable for different areas where the rugged and industrial approach is successful.


AVEVA EDGE is a fully featured, customizable HMI application that enables deployment on Edge devices for both OEM/Machine Builders and traditional SCADA users.

Capable of creating intuitive and secure applications for any sector, it is the ideal HMI for the IIoT sector. Supports remote access on smartphones and tablets without any client server installation.