Reduced construction time and cost with industrial tablets

Reduced construction time and cost with industrial tablets
26 April 2023 HSweb

One of the sectors that is most benefiting from the use of industrial tablets, also known as rugged tablets or rugged tablets, is the construction industry .

Construction in Italy is a sector that, especially in the recent period, has been revitalized thanks to the possibility of carrying out numerous interventions partly or fully financed by the state.

Practitioners know well that they are facing and managing numerous challenges.

On the one hand away is the need to secure and improve numerous buildings throughout Italy, and on the other hand the industry is not exempt from innovation.

Being able to optimize the available budget, deliver apartments, and buildings in general, on time, properly coordinate all the resources employed: workers, architects, engineers, PA, technicians, often leads to a increased time and costs which directly translate into worse efficiency that damages the reputation of the company ultimately contracted to carry out the construction.

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How robust tablets can help

Implementing the use of rugged tablets at construction sites, and synchronizing them with the other devices used by all its stakeholders in the construction of the work, means innovating and at the same time achieving performance that was unthinkable until recently.

For example, interconnected rugged tablets provide real-time progress and status.

At the same time, the workers themselves enjoy greater safety and protection in the workplace, this is because they have a device that can inform them in a timely manner in case of dangers as well as remind them of established guidelines and all precautions to be taken in the workplace.


Industrial tablets reduce construction time this is because fundamentally the processes are better managed. Let’s see what are the main points to consider:

Information Sharing

Industrial tablets enable rapid information sharing. These no longer need to be reported on paper but can move in the cloud and digitally.

Transferring information digitally allows changes, work status, questions and requests to be received in real time, which leads to an important first time saving.

Second, it should not be underestimated that the use of these devices greatly increases the perception of the company itself, which can boast that it has made important paper-saving and innovative choices.

Supply management

Industrial tablets make it possible to monitor the progress of work in real time. One of the main critical issues to date in the industry occurs when raw materials and materials suddenly go missing due to incorrect inventory.

Inventory management can be handled directly by the rugged devices, which will promptly inform the progressive depletion of one or another resource.

This makes it possible to greatly improve the procurement system and logistics in general. The impact is positive and results in fewer interruptions and consequently delays in work delivery.


The construction of any building work involves many figures having to interface.

Sometimes the confrontation can last a few minutes sometimes long meetings are necessary. Not all staff members always have the ability to connect in real time.

In this sense, using industrial tablets allow all stakeholders involved to be brought together remotely in real time, update themselves and plan the progress of work.


As anticipated, monitoring the progress of work is absolutely one of the advantages given by using rugged tablets.

From any location, engineers, architects and technicians, can receive constant updates on the progress of the work.

Monitoring everything that happens has several advantages.

For example, any errors can be anticipated, As also important apps can be installed that can promptly inform those engaged in the construction site of the arrival of bad weather, for example.

Emergency management

Improving safety in the workplace is an issue of utmost importance. Industrial tablets in this sense can actually improve workers’ conditions.

These not only can be promptly informed in case of imminent danger. For example, in case of bad weather. But they can also be tracked in such a way that at any time you have a clear idea of where a worker might be.


Although the unit cost of an industrial tablet is higher than a commercial tablet in the long run, rugged devices prove to be an investment.

In fact, rugged tablets resist accidental drops, vibration, and rain. This allows the device to be available for a long time without having to replace it.


Finally, the robust tablets are developed to be perfectly integrable to a whole range of accessories that are very useful in the construction industry. They can be easily connected to industrial keyboards, can be mounted on trucks or forklifts.

Moreover, since these devices are specifically designed for work, at the hardware level they are very high-performance, providing high performance and being able to handle multiple programs simultaneously

In conclusion, embracing innovation also means introducing new tools that can better coordinate construction workers and all technicians involved.

The implementation of new technologies brings considerable time savings. As a result, projects are more easily delivered on time, and the risks of not meeting the budget are reduced. These are all aspects that overall improve the quality and desirability of the company in the market, which benefits from an important advantage over its competitors.