PHANTAM New Series in Stainless Steel

PHANTAM New Series in Stainless Steel
6 June 2023 HSweb

The company Aplex, for which Hardware Solutions is the official distributor for Italy, launches PHANTAM, the new series of panel PCs and monitors made entirely of stainless steel.

Equipped with 11th Generation Intel® Core™, PhanTAM panel PCs are advanced machines with high computing performance.

It is equipped with antennas for wireless function with waterproof cover. Waterproof antenna covers solve the problem of bending damage while saving space and allowing faster and more efficient maintenance.

PhanTAM products can withstand high temperatures and high-pressure water jets up to 100 bar at 80° Celsius. They are IP66 and IP69K certified, partly due to the presence of silicone rubber bolts and O-rings.

Their design is able to prevent the accumulation of water, dust and bacteria.


I/O interfaces provide waterproof M12 connectors.

The Panel PC has 2x USB2.0, 1x COM, 1x LAN and 2 expansion slots for optional modules and I/O.

In addition, the PhanTAM Panel PC series supports Wi-Fi 6 and LTE to improve wireless communication performance.

The display supports 1x VGA, 1x HDMI and an OSD control.

M ore speed

⇒ Less latency


PhanTAM supports various mounting kits to suit different forms of applications.

The first version of the back provides the stainless steel frame and M12 connectors, ideal for panel mounting.

In contrast, the second option is a rotatable boxed back, with direct connections on the board and standard CP40 mount: the product is prepared for floor or stand mounting, desk mounting, and swing-arm mounting.

The series is, of course, able to switch between landscape and portrait modes to suit any working style.

Ideal for installations requiring high hygienic standards, such as automation in the food, chemical/pharmaceutical and cleanroom fields.