This section contains several accessories for industrial PCs and tablets: keyboards, trackballs, mouse and stands. In particular, we have numerous types of membrane keyboards: rack, panel, framed, tabletop, stainless steel, silicone or glass.

These accessories complete industrial PCs and monitors, optimizing work and improving processes.


Industrial keyboards are designed to fit perfectly into the structure in which they will be installed. Therefore, they can be of several open frame or built-in types and panel mounted on a rack, Vesa, on a worktable.

Each keyboard has specific characteristics:

The panel keyboard, ideal for facilitating machine control operations. The RACK keyboard, for mounting inside the cabinet, allows you to perform multiple operations from a single location. The OEM keyboard, for example, not equipped with a frame and designed to be installed on a machine or terminal. Industrial keyboards are made of different materials. For instance, we have anti-vandal (steel), anti-rain or dust-resistant keyboards.

Each keyboard complies with the safety standards: IK standard, ATEX standards, MIL-461 standard, IP index. Industrial keyboards are also often integrated with other accessories. From pointing devices (trackballs) to rugged industrial mice.


Keyboards, trackballs, mouse and tablet stands are commonly used in the fields of medicine, security, the military, the food industry and in any environment where there is a need for advanced devices that comply with standards.

Various accessories can also be integrated with tablet products, with table or wall docking stations, stylus and harness for greater stability even when used mobile.

Rack membrane keyboards

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Framed membrane keyboards

Desktop membrane keyboards

Stainless steel keyboards

Silicone keyboards

Glass keyboards



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