How to choose the best docking station for industrial tablets

How to choose the best docking station for industrial tablets
26 April 2023 HSweb

Industrial docking stations are relatively new devices whose function is to better customize one’s system according to the working environment.

A docking station refers to a system that allows you to integrate and increase the functionality of a tablet or to any other device.

The choice of a docking station within organizations is sometimes limited to the need for a charging point for industrial tablets.

Other times it becomes a true hub where operators can make use of charging points, USB 3.0 ports, audio in/out, HDMI ports, and Ethernet ports. So is implementing the keyboard, a mouse, or a trackball.

In this way, the docking station allows the functionality of the industrial tablet to be extended, effectively making it a complete, fixed workstation.


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Features of an industrial tablet docking station 1

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More complements for industrial tablets 2

Industrial tablets and docking stations: the answer to future needs. 3

Features of an industrial tablet docking station

A typical industrial tablet docking station is characterized by its simple and neat design.

As anticipated, these workstations are made to maximize the available workspace.

Key features, in addition to the ability to charge devices, include:

  • The ability to connect keyboard and mouse;
  • The presence of USB3.0 and 2.0 ports;
  • VGA AND HDMI port outputs;
  • Ability to connect the tablet to a monitor;
  • Microphone and stereo output.

What to consider before buying the docking station

Industrial docking stations, for industrial tablets, are also characterized by being reinforced, that is, made to withstand external agents dust, liquid contact, and accidental impacts.

The staff at Hardware Solutions is at your disposal in recommending the best docking station depending on your needs.

Let’s see on the preliminary and general aspects to consider before buying a docking station:


Implementing a docking station means preliminarily assessing how it can be used within the industrial system.

Many docking stations allow not only rugged tablets to be connected, but also some types of notebooks.

It is important to avoid the occurrence of issues such as: missing drivers, incompatibility, or lack of updates.

Setting up a complete docking station could be more complicated than expected if every aspect is not evaluated in advance.

Number of devices

Depending on the industrial tablets purchased, it is important to have a sufficient number of docking stations equipped with a charging center.

In general, the more departments and employees that use the device the more you need a dedicated docking station.


The size of the docking station can vary widely. For example, if you do not have much space and industrial tablets are used for customer support services then small docking stations are sufficient.

The size of the docking station also depends on the size of the industrial tablet.

In case you need more functionality and very specific needs then there is a need for more space.

Battery life

Depending on the number of tablets used and the number of hours of use, so many more docking stations should be provided.

In fact, rugged tablets may need locations nearby in order to be recharged when needed.

Other complements for industrial tablets

Docking stations are more than just a charging point for one’s industrial tablets. Rounding out the range of accessories and additions are:

  • mobility accessories
  • modular expansions
  • wall mounting brackets
  • vehicle adapters
  • battery chargers

Accessories complete the set of tools to maximize the potential of industrial tablets.

For example, mobility accessories such as backpacks and shoulder straps allow you to carry your rugged tablet safely.

There are also a number of holders should you need to attach the tablet to a wall. A series of accessories reserved for small-sized and rugged handheld tablets for mounting mounted on trucks or forklifts. And battery chargers can be purchased upon request. This way you can always have charged batteries on hand.

Industrial tablets and docking stations: the answer to future needs

Industrial tablets, docking stations and the whole set of accessories, are the answer to new needs in the industrial field. The needs today are many:

  • Have high-performance devices connected to each other and to machinery;
  • Integrate functionality through docking stations making the tablet as functional as a stationary industrial computer
  • Have a work tool that can withstand shock, vibration and contact with liquids
  • If necessary, transport the tablet out of industrial facilities for external operations
  • Secure the tablet on a wall or vehicle
  • Have charging centers available for use as needed

The combination of these needs is now achieved by combining industrial tablets and the many accessories and complements.

For more information, the Hardware Solutions staff is at your disposal in recommending the best industrial tablets and docking stations to integrate.